Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Professional Electrician

You will determine you have an out-of-date electrical system, such as aluminum wiring or knob-and-tube wiring after your lights flicker several times. This can spell a tragedy for your electrical appliance. That is why you select it is time to update your system into the current century before it cooks your flat-screen television.  Also see my useful article How to Hire an Electrician.


The least thing that can happen when dealing with electrical stuff is walking around with your hair looking like Frankenstein’s bride. That is why a lot of people decide to leave this type of work to the experts. But, do not be tricked into thinking that each contractor with a title of electrician is actually the expert that you need for your work.  

Some legit professional electricians recommend asking the questions below to prevent sloppy work. 

  • Are you insured, bonded, and licensed? 

According to a professional electrician, you need to ensure that the contractor has a legit electrical contractor’s insurance, bonding, and license.  

A license can mean that they have been through the required education. To be licensed, it would take a minimum of around 4 thousand hours of training.  

  • How much years of experience do you have? 

According to a professional, experience is as significant as having a license. 

Of course, all of us have heard the saying “experience is always the best teacher”. You could have a lot of education, but no experience. You could know the book of codes, but do not know how to use it. According to them, an expert business owner knows the significance of the customer service quality and would drive away for repairs and expenses that are not necessary. 

  • Who will be doing the job? 

Verify whether the owner would do the job, or use subcontractors or employees. The employee must be a journeyman electrician and not an apprentice in training if the owner is not onsite. According to the professionals, apprentices could not work alone. They have to be managed and supervised.  

A homeowner must know their legal duty and responsibility if subcontractors are used since a subcontractor might not be covered under the insurance of a contractor. According to a professional, a subcontractor could mean you are opening a new can of tuna. You need to ensure that everyone is protected.  

  • Do you have a business license? 

According to a professional, you must check whether the contractor is licensed to run a business in your location in addition to having a legit license for electrician. You must also verify that the license is updated. A lot of states have a database for licensed businesses that are searchable on the website of their Secretary of State’s Office. 

  • Do you provide a warranty? 

According to a professional electrician, you should really ask whether the labor or parts or both are under warranty. You must also ask how long that the warranty will be effective. A great electrician would always offer a warranty to prove to you that he works really well.  

Also, most professional companies have websites that you could visit to obtain answers to all of these questions and more.  A company’s website also provides useful information on what type work they specialize in, hold current licenses for, and you can even see customer reviews and job photos.  For example, if you need an electrician in Kaneohe, visiting their website will show you a comprehensive list of what electrical services they perform, what geographical locations they serve, customer reviews, licensing information, past job photos, contact information, and more.

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  1. I like that you recommend asking who will specifically be doing the job. It makes sense that some electrical contractors might have apprentices or interns that are learning the trade with them that could do the work. Knowing who will be coming to the home and whether they’re capable of doing the work effectively would be very helpful to ensure my home is safe and that there aren’t any unnecessary surprises.

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